Why should you choose Milkindia over Akshaykalpa or Country Delight?

We are sorry but these milk brands aren’t dairy for us and they shouldn’t be for any parent.

That’s because Country Delight/ Akshaykalpa procures milk from ” Individual Farmer Houses”.

  • They do not have any dairy farm of their own,they procure just like Nandini or Heritage, where they differ is their marketing.
  • They have zero control on the health condition of the cows, the cows’ diet, soil on which crops are grown.
  • They are just a buyer who checks the adulteration. And they heavily market their zero adulteration milk on all the social media platforms, give you a discount for attraction.
  • Always remember Country Delight, Akshaykalpa don’t produce the milk they sell to you.
  • They themselves procure low nutrition Cow milk. And you’ll have to give a minute to this thought without just believing us. Don’t fall for their marketing.
  • Whereas Milkindia has open dairy farms especially for Children where we understand what a parent would feel while giving their child that glass of milk.

So here’s what we did – we made our fairy farm soil a better fertile soil where we can grow healthy crops for our cows.

  • We monitor health condition of our cows on a daily basis.
  • For the first time in India, we test somatic cell count of the milk which no other dairy does and give you a zero aflatoxin certificate.

That’s how we produce the milk for every child out there, then store it (ohh sorry, we don’t store it at all, our milk goes out for delivery right after its milking).

So we produce every drop of milk keeping in mind what a child would need for his/her growth.

We are here to empower you, parents, in building your child’s foundation years stronger and healthier.

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