We go extra mile for evey child

We started Milkindia because the existing Dairy System in Bangalore or we may say in India, solves only two problems.

And those are Logistics & Adulteration thats all.

Real Unsolved Problems in Dairy

1. Soil

Accord. to World Health Organization, pesticides present in soil are resulting in various harmful diseases from Cancer to Brain Damage but unfortunately none of the Dairies can solve this problem as they only procure. Farmers adds Pesticides to the soil to protect the fodder for the Cows. These Pesticides from soil to crops to cows and then their milk reaches our body.

Milkindia– Before building our farm, we chose the the place where we can be get natural fertile soil, our farm is located in Kanakapura, almost close to forest area and we do use our cow dung & urine to keep our soil healthy.

2. Cows Health

India is largest producer of Milk in the world but stands lowest at productivity per Cow, Why – that’s bcz our Cows health’s at Farmers houses arent taken care bcz of lack of infra and finances, Dairis procure milk from these farmers houses only where are have no idea about Cow’s health.

Milkindia– We have permanent Para Vets ( not the doctors) at our Farm to ensure that every Cow is healthy before she has been milked.

3. What Cows eat

What Cows eat of every other dairies- Plastics, Garbage ,grass etc , every morning farmer leaves their Cows to open graze tha when these Cows eat all sort of roadside garbage. Proof of this – Google is full with of news of 70kgs plastics found in one Cow.

Milkindia– Feeds are grown right at our Dairy Farm on our Zero Fertile Soil. Entire fietvof our cattles has been planned by a famous agriculturist Dr. Gv Raman.

4. Hygine

Extremely Poor to give us various diseases. Maintaining cleanliness is a ankur intensive job which cant be afford by farmers, hence Cows not being cleaned for months, Bleeding Udder , unhygienic vessels and so many disgusting sight to see.

Milkindia– Having our own farm helps us to not only control hygine but also follow all the FSSAI regulations. With regular work force , clean milking techniques ,hygine has always been our priority.

5. Delivery

It takes more than 36 hours for these dairies to deliver this Milk.

Milkindia– Exactly after 4 hours from milking, we strictly believe in consuming milk as fresh as it can be. No need to store our milk for next day as it’s our responsibility to deliver fresh milk every morning for every Kids out there.

We aim to bring transparency, every points mentioned by us can be proven.