Why Milkindia Is The Dairy Every Parent Should Choose For Their Children

Milkindia has become the first Indian Dairy to produce milk only for Children to keep its quality intact and serve every child with the best of our Cow milk.

Various initiatives are taken at Milkindia farms to make it a Children Centric Dairy.

After 4 years of continuous effort, today we confidently adorn the title of best milk producer for growing children. This was achieved by implementing best practices right from the quality of soil on which fodder crops grow to the storage and delivery processes.

1. Zero scope of diseases that affect children

Bringing everything thing under one roof from the cultivation of crops to Cows Shade, to packaging has enabled us to have 100% control over the quality removing every single scope of disease.

2. Milk production: Quality over quantity

Large dairy companies focus on quantity as it helps reap more profits. But this also makes them turn a blind eye to many quality aspects which will eventually harm the children. We are able to produce the highest quality milk because we completely focus on quality over quantity. The natural processes followed in our farms limit the scale of operations, but we will not give it up as we’re determined to produce high-quality milk. And as we give our milk only to Children, it helps us to focus on their nutritional requirement than to have high sales.

3. Why soil is important

The first step was to select a location where the soil quality is good because Pesticides present in the soil cause harmful lifestyle diseases like Cancer etc. ( according to WHO ) & that’s why our farm is located in a deep Village. Even though this was a tough task as we had to shift our entire base, we did not hesitate because this was essential to provide the best quality milk for the kids.

Our dairy is located in the village of Kanakapura which has pure and fertile soil that is safe from soil pollution.

4. Nutritious food for cows help produce nutritious milk

Planning for the cultivation of crops starts a year in advance. The processes followed for cultivating the most nutritious fodder are designed by renowned agriculturist Dr. GV Raman. Our cows are fed with seasonal crops ranging from maize to ragi. We ensure that the diet is protein-rich and also add nutritious food like jaggery which the cows love. After all, happy mothers provide the best nutritious milk.

5. Herbal plants add medicinal value to our milk

We know that food is the best medicine one can have. Keeping this in mind, we feed our cows medicinal plants like Giloy and Dushikaran that also add nutritious properties to the milk they produce. This helps the kids who drink the milk improve their immunity among many health benefits.

6. Health condition of cows

Cow’s health is given utmost importance in our farms. If the cow is suffering from any diseases or is facing any physical discomfort during periods of milking, the quality of milk goes down and could even harm those who drink it. The medical staff at our farms makes sure that cows are treated in the best way possible and helps them stay healthy.

7. Why hygiene is of utmost importance

Hygiene is one factor if ignored makes all other activities fruitless. This is one of our highest priorities and we strictly use clean milking techniques. This level of hygiene is then maintained in other stages like packaging and even delivery.

8. Our no storage policy

“Fresh milk” is not just a marketing gimmick for us like they are for most dairy companies. We believe in serving the milk fresh from the farm and we do not store it at our facility. It is freshly milked and reaches the customers a few hours after the milking process.

9. How we cut out middlemen and contamination

The fresher the milk is, the more benefits children enjoy from drinking it. We deliver the milk to our customers’ doorsteps just hours after milking it from our farms. We do not add any unwanted elements or even process the milk. It reaches the customer in the purest natural form. We also have our company delivery boys which ensures that middlemen do not come into the process and thus eliminates any risk of milk being tampered with.

10. How many days does it last?

We don’t print an expiry date on our packets as milk is delivered fresh from the farm directly after milking and no kind of adulteration or processing is done. Even though we encourage you to consume it as fresh as possible to get all the benefits, it can be boiled and consumed as long as it doesn’t curdle.

11. Zero additives policy

There is no question of any adulteration, hormones, or pesticide elements being part of our milk as we go to extreme lengths to control the entire process. Every step in the process is carried out with utmost care and precision to make sure that the best quality milk reaches your doorsteps. We focus on quality, and not the quantity of the milk produced.

12. How science and technology helps us produce the best milk

We adopt the best practices and technology to maintain the highest quality of our milk. It is tested on somatic cell count at a Germany-based laboratory in Bangalore. We are the first dairy company to adopt this process. We are also proud to say that we are the first dairy company to have zero aflatoxin certification.

13. First in India to bring transparency in operations to the dairy industry

We strive to welcome the customer as part of our community. Anyone is welcome to our farms and see how everything works first-hand. All the claims made by us can be experienced in person and can be tested and verified at our dairy farms.

We go to great lengths to make sure that the milk delivered to your doorsteps is of the highest quality. There is nothing more important in life than health and there is no other phase in life as important as the initial growing phase of children. We provide the most nutritious and healthy milk so that children develop holistically. We are the first child nutrition-focused dairy company, we are Milkindia. Try our products to start your child’s growth journey.

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