Why Milkindia is better than any other Organic Dairy in Bangalore?

Every dairy in Bangalore – be it Akshaykalpa or Country Delight, Nandini or Heritage – is the same, only their marketing strategies are different.

And we don’t have any problems against them but we still need to stand for ourselves as it’s taking a toll on kids’ health and we can’t let that happen as other dairies aren’t solving all the other major problems except two of the concerns.

So let’s discuss it elaborately.

Every present dairy ( Akshaykalpa, Country Delight or Nandini ) are solving two major problems

First – logistics by delivering milk from farmers to customers’ doorstep.

2nd problem solved by them is – Adulteration, they ensure that farmers don’t mix anything in the milk by various tests.

But what are the problems which are not been solved by big dairies yet & they cant be solved as they procure?

The First Problem

What is unsolved or untouched by other dairies is the Harmful effects of soil pesticides.

According to World Health Organization, pesticides present in the soil are the cause of various harmful diaspora from cancer to brain damage.

The farmers from whom milk is being procured by every other dairy use pesticides in very large amounts as they cannot afford to lose their crops to insects.

So the crops grown by them have a higher amount of which is then consumed by the cows and then reaches your body.

And please don’t trust any test reports as they are manipulated.

Now all of this would feel like a story but we only expect you to think logically. Out of 129 countries, India ranks 125 when it comes to life expectancy. Yes, it is that had! Our life expectancy has gone from 80 years to 65 and one of the major reasons is the lack of availability of real, nutritious food.

The Second Problem

Which is unsolved or untouched by the dairies

The health of Cows – India is the largest milk producer of milk with the largest number of cattle but India stands last when it comes to productivity per cow, which means cows produce very little quantity of milk.

Australia, Brazil, & Switzerland have the best quality cattle because of their health.

It’s sad that every dairy claims to have the best cows when they are so unaware of it because they cannot go to every farmer and see it.

Procured milk that is coming to our homes is the milk from these unhealthy cows.

The Third Problem

Impossible problem to be solved by these dairies

Diet of the cows – Healthy milk comes from a healthy cow, who isn’t healthy any more Good milk comes from a good diet which they don’t get it anymore.

Majority of farmers ( this percentage can be 90% to 100% also)

Leaves their cows for open gazing and while open gazing these cows end up eating toads side garbage, plastics along with grass.

And every dairy sends you milk from these farmers’ houses only.

The Fourth Problem

The unsolved problem is Hygiene

As per our experience hygiene is far off farmer’s home and it’s not shocking also because managing cattle is a labor-intensive job, these farmers cant afford it which result in extremely dangerous situations resulting in diseases in cows then which is a threat to us.

The Fifth Problem

The Time Gap from the milking of cows to actual delivery at the doorstep is 36 hours or more than that.

Milk travels a lot, from farmers’ place to a collection center to cold storage to dairy plant for packaging then to milk vendors to delivery guys and then the customer is the last one to receive.

How Milkindia solved all these problems

First of all, if we go behind sales then even we cannot solve these because even we cannot produce so much of good quality milk and that’s why we have kept only for children so that we don’t rush for higher productivity and focus on quality.

By keeping everything under one roof, by regular medical staff, we have managed to solve all the above problems confidently.

  • Soil – We have chosen our farm location very near to the forest where if you visit you will fund boards of animal trace passing.
  • Problem of health– that’s our priority- feed grows right here at the farm for our cattle. With the support of regular visit of medical staffs, we ensure the health condition of cows are fine during the time of milking.
  • Hygine – by having a good work force and by following clean milking Techniques.
  • Time gap – we have reduced the time gap of 36 hours to 4 hours.

And customers are the first one to receive the milk.

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