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Milkindia Trail Pack

Raw Cow Milk, 100% Pure, Organic.

Cow Milk (Rs.64/Litre) 

A trail Pack for new customers who want to taste our Organic and Pure Cows milk for Milkindia


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Our Story

I ( Shilpi Sinha – Founder ) have closely followed the dairy industry for the last 4 years, almost felt unhappy to be a part of it while being totally aware of the kind of milk bigger dairies are providing in Bangalore and how easily customers are getting carried away with simple marketing tricks and discount coupons.

That's when we decided to create something real.

Presenting India's 1st Child Nutrition Dairy Company.

Milkindia Cow Milk for Kids

Why we recommend over others milk

Why you should choose us over Country Delight or Akshaykalpa or any other Organic milk brand?

We are sorry but these milk brands aren’t dairy for us and they shouldn’t be for any parent.

That’s because Country Delight/ Akshaykalpa procures milk from ” Individual Farmer Houses”.

So here’s what we did – we made our dairy farm soil a better fertile soil where we can grow healthy crops for our cows.

That’s how we produce the milk for every child out there, then store it (ohh sorry, we don’t store it at all, our milk goes out for delivery right after its milking).

So we produce every drop of milk keeping in mind what a child would need for his/her growth.

We are here to empower you parents in building your child’s foundation years stronger and healthier.

Presenting India's 1st Child Nutrition Dairy Company.

Visit us at our farms, follow us on social media to see for yourself the transparency we are bringing in the dairy industry for the first time.

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    Harsh Menon

    MilkIndia Make the Best

    After using this product my children’s are more active and I feel energetic while playing with them.

    July 20, 2021

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