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High on Nutrition Cow milk for Kids

We started Milkindia with a simple mission to feed younger kids with the best Cow Milk they can get in metros cities which would help them to have a healthy foundation years and that’s why we chose to build a children centric dairy farm focusing on producing high on nutrition cow milk.

Why do we call Milkindia “A High On Nutrition Cow Milk “

There are many reasons which we would like to show you to our farm when you visit us, but let’s start with the most important.

Shortest delivery time

Sooner you consume your food, healtheir it is. With time, the nutritional value of the milk just like any food, goes down. And just so that our kids gets the real value, Milkindia enables you to consume highly nutritous milk exactly after 4 hours of its milking where every dairy delivers after 36 hours from milking .

Home Grown Fodder

Nutrition in the milk comes from the healthy diet and that’s why to ensure our claim of producing high on nutrition cow milk, we grow our feeds right at our farm for better nutrition value. Cows are also fed with natural herbal plants which gives medicinal value to our milk for better health.

Zero Processing

Our Milk comes to you as fresh as it gets milked with zero processing involved to prereves its natural nutriton.

Quality Production

Our team is quite driven by quality rather than and quantity. Every ill-practices in dairy starts when you aim to sell more, thats why every dairy choose to source their milk from outside rather than producing it of their own as its restricts their sales and make them slow ( You can procure unlimited litres but producing unlimited litres is not possible ). We @ Milkindia are strictly against it and we have cut down on our sales just to focus on producing right quality of milk in limited litres but which has highest nutrition.

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Why Milkindia?

Other Milk Dairies

Nandini/Akshaykalpa/Country Delight
  • Milk: Sourced from Farmers
  • Delivery: Milk reaches after 36 hrs of milking
  • Journey: Farmers – Collection Centres- Cold Storage- Dairy Plant- Delivery Guys- Customer
  • Travel: Milk travels for 36 hours from Farmers till your Doorstep
  • Customers: Customers are last one to receive the milk
  • Quality: Zero Control on Cows Health & hygine, Soil, Cows Diet as they don’t know how the milk is being produced
  • Transparency: Zero Transparency
  • Nutrition Level: Low – bcz of long delivery time & zero control on production of the milk
  • Daily Sales: Mass Procurement - From 40k to 40 lakhs litre Daily which affects the quality



  • Milk: Produced @ own Organic Farm
  • Delivery: Milk reaches after 4 hours
  • Journey: Direct from Farm at your doorstep
  • Travel: Milk travel the shortest with Milkindia
  • Customers: Customers are the first one to receive the milk
  • Quality: Complete Control
  • Transparency: Zero Transparency 1st Dairy to bring transparency
  • Nutrition Level: Very High, bcz of quick delivery & full control on the production
  • Daily Sales: 500 litres Daily, ensuring the best quality of Milk are produced for kids
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How TO Use Milkindia?

Boil it as soon as you receive & then refrigerate, as its Raw, Fresh & Zero Processed.


Here we have FAQ's list

At Milkindia, we have Desi Gir Cows and HF.

We deliver from Kormangala to Whitefield before 7 AM every Morning.

We have two Orgainc Dairy Farms located in Kanakapura & one on Mysore Road. Pls msg us to visit our Farm and enjoy with our Cows.

Our Milk is Raw ,100% Pure, we milk our Cows early morning around 3 AM and it reaches to you by 7 daily.

Because it contains more nutrition ( every present milk reaches your home after 36 hours of its milking ,our milk reaches in just 4 hours. We take a lot of effort to provide you within 4 hours just so that kids can consume the milk when it’s high on its nutritional value as nutrition level decreases with the time & if the milk reaches after 36 hours ,it doesn’t make any sense.

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CEO of Milkindia Company

CEO Milkindia

This 27-year-old woman entrepreneur’s dairy startup is delivering pure and unadulterated milk

Based in Sarjapur, Bengaluru, The Milk India Company delivers raw milk in glass bottles to improve the health of children.

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