Child Nutrition Dairy Company- Milkindia

Shilpi Sinha ( Founder )

I’ve closely followed the dairy industry for the last 4 years, almost felt unhappy to be a part of it while being totally aware of the kind of milk bigger dairies are providing in Bangalore and how easily customers are getting carried away with simple marketing tricks and discount coupons.

That’s when we decided to create something real.

  • A platform where we can be true to every child that we deliver our milk for.
  • A place where every litre of milk is produced keeping in mind child’s nutritional needs and not procured from several farmer houses where other dairies lose their control on nutritional value of the milk, on Cows medical conditions, on Cows diet ,they just buy their milk and have control on the adulteration which they promote later.
  • A place were kids gets milk which is produced especially for them and not procured.
  • A complete children-centric dairy where we are not chasing more production but quality production. So that we respect the condition of our cows and help her provide the best milk for our children.
  • A place where we feed cows with the best of food and herbs ( to add medicinal value to our milk ) & which is complete free of pesticides so that we don’t pass any of that to the milk that our children consume
  • A place where cows are treated the same as a mother feeding her child.
  • A place where cows get pregnant with their consent and not by forceful injection.
  • A place where artificial hormones are not used at all.
  • A place where our customers are the first one to receive 100% pure milk right after the calves.
  • A place where we go to any extent to ensure that we provide real nutrition to our children which will make their early foundation years healthier and stronger.

Presenting India’s 1st Child Nutrition Dairy Company.

Visit us at our farms, follow us on social media to see for yourself the transparency we are bringing in the dairy industry for the first time.

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